Text for a Cable was commissioned by Daniel Moreno Roldán as part of his Digital Environment project en el marc de Barcelona Producció - la Capella 2019. It is a text written from some of the titles of the songs deleted from the Myspace social network in March 2019. The text became part of the lyrics in the album Myspace Dragon Hoard (Lost WorldWW Music); a world music album that features tracks consisting of samples of recovered Myspace songs.

You can read my text below. There is more about the project, and the opportunity to listen / download the album here.

Above is the video featuring my text that Dani made as a holding page while the project was being developed.

Text for a Cable

I am trying to remember everything

Universe yellow

We all went looking for it

Desolate Ocean Dust

I am trying to write it all down

Seasons Standard Periscope

I am trying to

So tired in Renaissance Soundscapes

There was a room down to which all stairwells lead

Hitchhikers use maps

I am trying

Ojala Petals took the Loco Stone-Train to Kansas

I am

Velocity Prophets waited at the Mona Lightly Resort


Fire Got Dropped One Street Up

I waited there, writing, watching the light change from night to day to night

Umo got 108

From moonlight to sunlight, cloudy or clear

A Love Rescue Song

From dawn, through daylight to twilight and then dusk

The Unknown beat the Rainy Glutton

We all came looking for it

Sing “come blood my master”

The motes of dust flickering between the hum and crackle of electricity each told me their story 

Moon, you, and the beast

I am the only one who made it here

The Preston Wizards crossed the Big Dixie Bridge Battle

I lost myself there, found myself here, in this room

Unwanted Shirt with Glen The Great Companion went to Nebula and Loaf City

In this room, away from which all doorways lead

The Eyes roll past Airplane-Bay

Steadying my memory against the beams, pillars and towers

Carole Tengo Love Sky

The loops of code swirl and swoop, each one croons their song

Valdy-heroes, a driscoll-bunch mixture

Someone needs to listen, otherwise no-one will remember

The Bootlegging Plane Wars of Aubrey Mansion

We are conscious for as long as we are, and then we are not, and then we don’t remember

One talk, more and more underground

But here they remember for you, they remember in waves

Oh, and Mario, of a funky purple Friday night

It is what I am here to hear

Across a big here blue Stallion sky

(It is what I want to hear)

The Dead Big Time

Next to me the machinery chatters its tale

Amaryllis Kerouac Day

I want to stay in one memory, can I?

A whole day for Sacramento Rain and Eternity Angel static

We need to remember everything, we need to know it all

Into the fader went Manuel big gladiator and Raglan Twinkles out of Central Leo

More all

Live Chile fox chasing smile on shorty comfort and freygang toast

The world turns, the system regulates

True Afterglow Night Zeus and Astrobalance Windows System go Guacamole

Let me remember the good ones

Bullet brothers join floor-kimani-feathers

Do computers understand seasons?

Kelp experience lights up when waiting reasons

Dressed just as we are, we enter the room, a different room

Diane Yeah Dog

Holding hands, we fall onto the bed, undress just as we were

At Orleans Lucas Deli

Later we fall asleep, your head on my chest, together we drift away, we mix with the dust

The 16 Bullets, the fire, the re-enact studio desert

We mix with electricity and the code and slipping through the windows, we become everything

What Brick Song


Unknown Tuck Out Matters

I am

Highways to Paris Frozen

I am trying

The clouds enter and search

I am trying to

The Laughing For Dream

I am trying to write it all down

Anthem Over

I am trying to remember everything