A poem written as redacción for Paratext #33 at Hangar. It has also been translated into Spanish and Catalan

The hand throws the stone

Poem as document, for Paratext#33, Meriam Ben Amor, Laura Ige, Anna Irina Russell, Marit Tunestveit Dyre, Sofiane Zouggar

This is a photograph of a heart

The hand holds the heart

The fingers tap out the rhythm

The heart beats in time

The hand recognises its name

The fingers work it out

Sound travels in waves

The hand screens the moon

The hand is holding a book

The hand holds the book open

The finger finds the line within the book

The finger reads the braille

The finger swipes left

The finger strokes a cheek

The finger strokes a cheek in a photograph

The finger strokes a cheek in a photograph on a screen

The finger strokes right

The thumbs write a message

Make out, make off, get off, get out

Thumb a ride, Thumb it in

The hands want to see more

Text me, the bot signals, text me

The hands cup the breasts, slide along the dildo,

The finger parts the lips, the thumb rests between the buttocks

The hand signals

flashes the mirror     waves the flag

slits the throat           chops the palm

fingers the palm        presses into the palm


The finger hangs up

The thumbprint unlocks

The button, unlocked, erases

The hand signals again

The radio speaks in static

Folds the message

The hand waves the flag

The hand is carrying gloves

The hand pulls on the gloves

The hand thinks with fingers

The hand thinks with thumbs

The hand parts the curtains

A face is revealed, lips pursed

The finger rests against the lips, perpendicular to them

Forming a cross, silencing the crowd

A plant grows from between the lips

Words grow wild like weeds

Travel on the wind

Fall amongst fingers

The hand picks up a pen

Scratches notes in the dark

The pen writes

Erases the faces on the photographs

The arm stretches

The hand unfurls (whose hand?)

The finger points (whose finger?)

This is where the bomb went off

The hand holds the gun

Stops the bus

So we can photograph the passengers

(The hand holding the gun is not in the photograph)

The finger presses the button, the shutter blinks

The hand holds the stone

Tests the weight of the stone